Know-how from the oil disaster:

Ukrainian struck the scientific world of their own invention

The work of the Ukrainian scientist became the best among 120 others, at the competition in Mexico. How the invention will help to purify the water – you know the correspondent “5 channel”

How to save water bodies from pollution with oil products – this issue is dealt with by a young Ukrainian scientist Nikolai Ivanchenko. He won the international competition in Mexico.

To remove from the water surface petroleum products, the Ukrainian special offers to spill adsorbent. In their patented method, the scientist uses as a basis the perlite – volcanic glass, cheap and available in Ukraine, which is used in construction and even gardening. However, for water purification young scientist modified it. As it is keeps secret.

“It is porous and gets to the medium water-oil. In its pores comes both water and oil. But my adsorbent is good because it gidrogenizirovannye, that is, on its surface applied water repellent which repels water. Oil goes into the pores and stays there,” explains the winner of the international competition.

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Source: KTelegram

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