Balls of Tar Wash Up on Beach After Oil Leak

Balls of tar wash up on UK beach a after 500 barrels of oil leak into Irish Sea Oil firm ENI UK has sent in teams to clean up the Blackpool beach after a pipe supplying fuel to the Isle of Man burst and now remains shut off. Their discovery comes after roughly 500 barrels…
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Prevent Oil Leaks -Looking After Your Oil Tank – Best Practice

Oil Spill Incident Response Within Irish homes, oil and natural gas are the most common ways for families to heat themselves. The oil that is used comes from and is stored in an oil tank. The maintenance of oil tanks is extremely important and is something that many homeowners often take for granted. Oil Tanks…
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Coast Guard continues response to Rattle Snake Bayou oil spill

The Coast Guard is continuing to respond to a well discharging a mixture of crude oil, gas, and water near Port Sulphur. The Coast Guard and Hilcorp are both conducting aerial assessments of the area. Source control crews have controlled the leak, and continue to work to repair the well in attempt to prevent further…
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Equipment failure results in oil spill in western North Dakota

An equipment failure caused about 163 barrels, or 6,846 gallons, of crude oil to spill Saturday at a well pad in Dunn County, according to a report released by the North Dakota Department of Health on Tuesday, Dec. 11. The spill occurred about 11 miles north of Killdeer at a site owned by Burlington Resources…
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