IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Assessment

At Bio-logix Environmental we offer IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) assessment and reporting. This is the best way to monitor and control the quality of the air that is circulating within your business or school.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor Indoor Air Quality is known to affect the health of people in businesses and children in schools and can lead to drops in productivity in workplaces and the impairment of

learning of children in schools.

Indoor Air Quality

The concept Sick Building Syndrome or SBS for short, is thought to be linked to the effects that poor indoor air quality can have on the inhabitants of a building

Poor Indoor Air Quality can be caused by Carbon dioxide, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), fluctuations in temperature and humidity, Carbon Monoxide etc

As we spend more time inside it is vital that the air we breathe is of a high quality. During the colder months we use indoor heating equipment to stay warm.

Many of these indoor heating sources can impact on the quality of the indoor air such as the heat from boilers, wood burning stoves and cooking and oil leaks.

Your ventilation system plays a big part in counteracting the worst aspects of indoor air pollution. Your indoor ventilation system needs to dilute pollutants and have them replaced with clean external air.

CO2 testing

At Bio-logix Environmental we will carry out air quality testing of your indoor air to ensure the efficiency of your ventilation system and to check if it is working to its maximum capacity.

We will also apply CO2 testing as well as Carbon monoxide testing to ensure that people in the building are breathing the best air possible.

Bio-Logix Environmental can test, monitor, and report on the condition of the quality of your indoor air in combating the spread of COV-19 in the internal atmosphere.

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