Oil Spill Remediation

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We are at the forefront in delivery of in-situ Bio-Remediation Technologies

BioLogix Environmental Ltd. is to the forefront in the delivery of in-situ bio-remediation technologies and has perfected the use of these technologies in tackling oil spill incidents from domestic spills to larger industrial incidents. Technical design, production and application of the bioremediation processes are all undertaken in-house.

Oil Spill Remediation

We are an Irish owned oil spill clean up and remediation company offering a range of oil spill & environmental services to the domestic and commercial market. We provide cost competitive and timely solutions through an experienced and skilled workforce. All our services are offered on a nationwide basis and a timely and professional response is guaranteed.

  • 24/7 emergency response service
  • We offer a free initial visit to provide a competitive quotation and considered advice.
  • Established in 1994, we have over 20 years of experience with oil spill response services.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited and members of ECSSA and The National Guild of Master Craftsmen.

oil tank leak showing contaminated areaOil Spill Remediation Services

  • Domestic oil spill remediation
  • Commercial/Industrial oil spill remediation
  • Insurance works
  • Pollution response
  • Air/water monitoring
  • Site investigations
  • Bioremediation services
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Remediation of impacted water bodies
  • Fire/Storm water remediation services
  • 24hr nationwide coverage

What is an Oil Spill?

An oil spill occurs when liquid petroleum are released into the environment. Oil Spills can often occur due to human error in mis-managing fuel, thus, polluting the environment such as homes, gardens, lands, etc. We at Biologix Environmental Ltd. are dedicated to rapid oil spill remediation and offer rapid response services to reduce the impact of any oil spill or hydrocarbon contamination.

The responsiveness of our experienced oil spill professionals play a vital role in minimizing the impact of oil spills and the time required to manage it.

How do we remediate an oil spill?

Biologix Environmental Ltd. offer a number of environmental friendly oil spill remediation services. One of the techniques for oil spill remediation is to quickly absorb oil and other hydrocarbons when a spill occurs.

We specialise in providing services covering the bio-remediation technologies of oil spill response and emergency oil spill occurrences throughout Ireland. Our staff strive to exceed the requirements of our customers with safe, cost-effective, and rapid action towards emergency oil spill response. We pride ourselves on being the number one choice for oil spill remediation services for spills of home heating oil, kerosene, diesel, nationally.

Oil spill experts | BiologixOur oil spill remediation specialists are available to advise clients about the most effective oil spill response techniques that help reduce risk to third party properties, buildings, water and water tables and surrounding areas.

There are three basic ways to help with an oil spill remediation, and our experts firstly determine the most appropriate remediation method depending on the location of the oil spill, any potential hazards, the weather conditions, waves and currents are a huge consideration as it is more difficult to use booms and skimmers when it is at sea and due to high wind.

Oil Spill Remediation Techniques

  • Bio Remediation
  • Dig and Dump
  • Pump and Treat
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Air sparging
  • Ground Water remediation
  • Installation of cut off trenches and barrier walls


Biodegradation process of an oil spill clean upAdding biological agents to the oil spill acts by breaking down the oil through a process called biodegradation. Biodegradation occurs when bacteria and other micro-organisms break down the oil into harmless substances, such as fatty acids and carbon dioxide. Remediation crews can speed up this process of biodegradation by adding fertilizing nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, which encourage the growth of micro-organisms.


Dispersants on oil spill particlesUse of dispersants to break down the oil spill: Dispersants should not be used where it can affect living organisms, as the chemicals and broken-down oil can enter into the food chain.
Chemical dispersants can be used to break down the oil and speed up its natural biodegradation by breaking the oil spill into droplets, which helps the oil and water to mix, and for the slick to be absorbed naturally. This method is not appropriate for all oil spills, and especially not in all locations.

Booms & Skimmers

Booms & Skimmers can be used to surround and isolate the oil slick and collect the oil from the surface of the water. These are buoyant booms, which can be solid or inflatable tubes. The booms usually rise almost 1 meter above water level, and have a skirt attached that hangs below the water. Skimmers suck or scoop the oil into tanks.

Check List

  • Consultation with client
  • Initial investigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency response
  • Design and implementation of remediation plan
  • Project Management
  • On-site air quality testing
  • Installation of vapor extractors
  • Air and ground water monitoring and testing
  • Installation of engineered geo-textile seals
  • Consultancy support to Loss Adjustors
  • Reporting, certification and guarantee

Successfully solving oil tank spills and smells since 1994 The benefits of using Biologix Environmental:

  • Quality assured service IS. EN ISO 14001:2004
    & IS. EN. ISO 2001:2008
  • Highly experienced qualified staff
  • Immediate response
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Compliant with all legislation
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Cost Competitive
  • Successfully solving oil spills since 1994

Rapid Oil Spill Response Services Nationwide

We are focused on providing the best oil spill response services to our customers.

Our highly trained oil spill remediation staff are available 24/7 for immediate response to oil spills and hydrocarbon contamination. We use a variety of extensive products and equipment to cater for all environmental contamination, such as light, medium and heavy oil spills and smells.

If your property or surrounding area as been the subject of a heating oil spill at home, then get in touch with Biologix Environmental Ltd. by calling us at 1 890 98 74 67.

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