Balls of Tar Wash Up on Beach After Oil Leak

Balls of tar wash up on UK beach a after 500 barrels of oil leak into Irish Sea

Oil firm ENI UK has sent in teams to clean up the Blackpool beach after a pipe supplying fuel to the Isle of Man burst and now remains shut off.

Their discovery comes after roughly 500 barrels of crude oil escaped from a pipe off the coast of North Wales, which supplies fuel to the Isle of Man.

People have been urged not to touch the balls or attempt to remove them from the beach while clean up teams from oil firm ENI UK are sent in.

A spokesman for the firm said: "The clean-up teams are onsite and working closely with the local authorities and coastguard.

Pictures of the iconic beach have shown the small black balls strewn across the sand between the town's North and Central Piers.

The burst pipe, which runs between two platforms named Conwy and Douglas, was shut off following the leak on Monday and remains closed.


Point to note: oil spills can cause serious damage. If you are unlucky to experience one follow these steps

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