Odour Removal

Odour Removal

Biologix Environmental carryout site assessments, investigations, odour removal, remediation and reinstatement services for the management and eliminate of odours in domestic and commercial properties.

Foul smelling odours are caused by a mixture of compounds released from a variety of organic and inorganic sources and if left untreated will impact the air quality in the affected premises. Depending on the nature of the malodour they may have an impact on your quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Biologix Environmental odour removal service provides a rapid and cost-effective solution for properties suffering from foul smelling odours. The service consists of an initial site visit to ascertain the cause and impact of the malodours, intrusive site investigation to determine the source of the malodours and to allow formulation of remedial plan, implementation of the remediation strategy to eliminate source of odour and prevent recurrence and final validation of the remediation works through IAQ assessment (Indoor Air Quality).

Our initial odour removal site assessment is carried out Free of Charge across the Republic of Ireland and our 24hour service can be accessed on 1890 987 467

To contact us from the website please go to our contact page where you will find our email address and a contact form if you have a more detailed query

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