Environmental Services

Environmental ServicesBio-Logix Environmental Ltd has operated as an environmental services company since 1994 specializing in the provision of pollution remediation and site investigations services. The company has in recent years expanded to provide environmental services to the catering and hospitality sector. Key services provided include water storage, tank chlorination and cleaning, chlorination of water delivery pipes, grease trap cleaning, odour investigation and elimination services and high pressure washing.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Survey work
  • Oil/chemical remediation services
  • Forensic services
  • Emergency response to pollution
  • Habitat and species surveys
  • Site monitoring
  • Grease trap cleaning, installation, maintenance
  • Odour investigation and elimination
  • Water tank and associated pipe works cleaning/chlorination
  • Pest Control
  • Graffiti removal
  • High pressure washing
  • Bund/interceptor integrity tests
  • Site investigations
  • Soil assessment
  • Septic tank assessment and management
  • Air quality assessment
  • Specialist cleaning services
  • Environmental assessment of investment properties

Contaminated Land Consultancy

Land can become contaminated from incidents such as oil spills or chemical leaks and remedial actions can range from the excavation and removal of contaminated soils, to treatment of groundwater and or soils .

Extract from EPA.IE on contaminated land.

The EPA has published guidance in relation to the management of contaminated land and groundwater at EPA licensed sites.

The risk based approach in this guidance is considered best practice for the assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater at EPA licensed sites. This consistent approach will ensure that the standard of works undertaken is adequate, that issues are understood and dealt with appropriately and that both operators and the EPA achieve the aim of closing issues out in an efficient manner.

The risk assessment methodology follows a staged approach, designed to ensure that key elements are addressed in succession and only as needed. The three main stages are:

STAGE 1: Site Characterisation & Assessment

STAGE 2: Corrective Action Feasibility & Design

STAGE 3: Corrective Action Implementation & Aftercare.

A critical element of the methodology and something that underpins the whole process is the establishment and use of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) for the land and groundwater environment.

This guidance is a live document and will be updated periodically to reflect changes in legislation, technical guidance and industry best practice.

Site Assessment

The site assessment may involve the excavation of trial pits or boreholes, collection and analysis of soil, surface water and groundwater samples, a soil vapour or landfill gas survey and in the case of waste disposal sites a geophysical survey.

 Investigation and Assessment 

Development Site contaminated Land In the case of development sites, there is the potential for contaminating land use may require an initial study to establish the current environmental status of the site followed by site inspection and area reconnaissance. Additional site visits may be required to determine the nature and extend of any contamination and depending on the findings of the site investigation(s) will assess the associated risks and will develop appropriate remedial measures.

Development sites should be assessed for Health & Safety issues for construction workers and future site occupants. Former industrial premises are areas that have the potential to cause contamination and if there are proposals to develop these area they should be assessed for their historic, current and future activities.

Choice of treatment

Remedial Works underway on Contaminated LandThe choice of treatment will depend on the nature of any contamination and the site conditions on site inspection. Treatments may require physical treatment i.e. soil vapour extraction, pump and treatment.  Chemical treatment i.e. oxidation or stabilisation,  of the soil and groundwater may also be required.

Bio-Logix can advise & develop an appropriate remedial action plan if on inspection the contamination of soil or groundwater presents an unacceptable environmental risk.

Our objective is to determine the risk to the environment and your immediate neighbours and to carry out any remedial measures required to remove the contamination and advise on preventative measure for the future.

If your looking for a professional company for any of our environmental services please contact us today for your free no obligation quotation.

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