Virus Removal and Specialist Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning

BioLogix Environmental provides a range of Virus Removal Specialist Cleaning services in the cleanup of natural and man-made events.
This service is particularly aimed at:

• The Public services sector
• General industry
• The Hospitality sector
• Private Households

Virus Removal Specialist CleaningWe provide a specially trained team to carry out all aspects of the cleaning service. In addition, we provide a verification service whereby all cleaning projects can be assessed, tested, and certified as complying with the strictest regulatory requirements.

A validation analysis is carried out by accredited laboratories and a final certification is issued.

Cleaning and Decontamination Protection Against Viruses & Bacterial contamination

At Biologix Environmental we have many years of experience in eradicating a range of bacteria and virus contamination. We employ tried and trusted techniques which help to return your property to its original condition.

Our 3 Step Approach to Contamination Eradication

We employ the following best practice 3 pronged approach:

1.Speed is vitally important

In a modern society viral and bacterial contamination can travel quickly
We begin with an initial site verification to inspect and assess the cleaning project. Samples are taken, if required, from all surfaces and air sampling and analysis is carried out on the site

2. Be first to act

Initial microbe identification, classification and counts are undertaken in accredited laboratories. We use a range of biocides and equipment to provide deep environmental cleaning that will prevent the problem spreading. These cleaning solutions work immediately and remain effective against bacterial threats and viruses.

3. Containment is priority

Validation analysis is carried out by accredited laboratories and a final certification is issued. Our staff are experienced in building risk assessments and providing method statements (RAMS) and are experienced in the use of specific PPE and personal decontamination methods.

We follow strict decontamination guidelines and systems to ensure that any viral contamination has minimum impact on your business. This containment phase reduces the onward spread of a viral contamination.

Areas of Specialist Cleaning Expertise

At Biologix Environmental, our extensive expertise has involved us in specialist hotel room cleaning, school cleaning, food area preparation cleaning, office cleaning, and home cleaning.

We have also been involved in soft surface and hard surface cleaning as well as deep cleaning.

Contact Information

For more information on Virus Removal Specialist Cleaning services please contact us on 1890 987467 to learn more about our virus eradication and specialist cleaning services.

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