Oil tank removed for free in Christmas gesture of good will

Teresa Ezzo had purchased a foreclosed house in Warwick this summer that did not have a heating system in place; an old oil tank was buried in the yard.

To heat the home, Ezzo had a boiler and oil tank installed in her basement. She also contacted a few companies to get estimates for removing the underground oil tank. When workers for the company she eventually picked came to inspect the oil tank, they told her the 1,000-gallon oil tank had a leak and had contaminated the soil. As required, they informed the state Department of Environmental Control of the leak.

That terrified Ezzo, who had barely scraped together enough money to buy the house. Paying to remove an oil tank and clean up an oil spill would devastate her financially, she feared. The company she was working with gave her an estimate, which was more than she could afford but low for an environmental cleanup.

The next day, Tank crew arrived at her home and removed the oil tank. In addition, the crew tested the soil and concluded it was not contaminated. The company also wrote a report for the state DEC, noting that the site was clean. “It’s now finished, and she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.”

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Source: Record Online

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