Cleaning up an old oil spill

Ardent Global has completed a complex pollutant removal operation from a cargo vessel that sank in Canadian waters over 30 years ago.

In 1985 the cargo vessel Manolis L laden with 3,000t of newsprint sank in 70m of water in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. In 2013 pollution in the vicinity was traced to the wreck by Canadian authorities and initially sealing devices installed on the wreck but as the threat of pollution remained the decision was taken to recover remaining pollutants from the vessel and leave it in a tight condition.

Heavy fuel oil, diesel and lubricants had to be removed and Ardent, appointed for the task chose the now established hot-tap method of pollutant removal using its dedicated oil removal system. Access to the vessel’s tanks was made by Ardent’s PEER hot-tap system which included a bespoke pumping/heat exchange skid installed on the wreck and secured by electro-magnets or on the seabed as close as possible to the PEER hot taps, allowing for minimal head pressure. The requirement included heating and pumping the bulk fuel and other tanks and then flushing them in a cycle.

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Source: Maritime Journal

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