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Hess Corp. to pay $8.7 million for 12-barrel Breton Sound oil spill in 2005

The Hess Corp. has agreed to pay $8.7 million to settle a federal and state lawsuit over a 2005 spill in Breton Sound of a dozen barrels of crude oil blamed for killing hundreds of then-endangered brown pelicans and other birds. In a settlement agreement filed in federal court in New Orleans on Friday (Nov. 9), the company agreed…
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Norwegian frigate takes on water after collision with oil tanker

The crew of 137 are all evacuated from “KNM Helge Ingstad”  the Joint Rescue Coordination Center of Southern Norway informs. Eight of the crew members got minor injuries, but are all safe, the Norwegian Navy informed at a press-conference. The frigate is taking on lots of water, nearly capsizing, and was for long in danger…
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